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In the spirit of engaging, empowering, and aligning with the local entrepreneurial community, the New Brooklyn Farms Farmer-in-Residence Program was launched in 2017 to forge strategic partnerships with local green-thumbed entrepreneurs who benefit from the integration of fresh, hyperlocally grown crops into their products.

Each NBF Farmer-in-Residence is provided with free seasonal growing space in exchange for cross-marketing, knowledge sharing, and a little help maintaining our own custom crop production :)

Nazirah Muhammad
Farmer-in-Residence (2020-Present)

Nazirah is an urban farmer, herbalist, artist and serial entrepreneur.

She is the founder of MOON & MAGNOLIA - a line of custom, hand-crafted spiritual tools for holistic living., and OM Journals - a line of hand painted journals. 

Stepahnie Freeman
Farmer-in-Residence (2017-2019)

Stephanie is an urban farmer and food entrepreneur.


She is the founder of RELISH MARKET, a specialty market, juice and smoothie bar; and creator of Pepperly Love - a boutique line of hot sauces, fresh peppers, dried peppers, pepper flakes & pepper powders, and other condiments. 

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